It's time to pay for care on your terms


Welcome to Paytient! Provided to you by Ambetter from MHS, Paytient is a new, interest-free way to pay for your medical expenses over time.

Ambetter + Paytient


Enjoy 0% interest and no fees when you pay over time for your healthcare expenses with Paytient.

Custom Repayment Plans

You choose how you'd like to pay Paytient back over time - up to 4 months.

No Credit Check

We do not run your credit, you're already pre-approved thanks to your Ambetter plan.
How it Works

Swipe. Click. Split.

Pay with your Paytient card online, at your provider's office, or pharmacy, and then click the notification that appears on your screen to split your transaction into an easy, interest-free payment plan.

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About Paytient

Health care, paid your way


Grow your HSA

Continue contributing to your HSA and let that Triple Tax Advantage work for you. You can take advantage of all of your options when it comes to paying for health care with Paytient.

Planned and prepared

Turn an unexpected out-of-pocket medical expense into a planned, and affordable, repayment option - for free. Finally, health care is back on your terms!

We are here for you

Our Support Team is just a tap away. In-App support is available if you ever have a question, concern, or need to make a change.


Using Paytient

Pay over time, for free

With Paytient, you can feel confident in your every health care purchase. You choose the repayment plan that works for your family’s budget.

You can split each transaction into a 4-month, interest-free payment plan with just the swipe of a card, and click of a button.

  • Doctor's Office

  • Pharmacy

  • Copays & Procedures

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"I appreciate the opportunity to continue my health journey & not have to skip appointments due to high-cost co-pays due at time of service. The payment plan is greatly appreciated & affordable."


Angelica D.

Paytient User


"It was so easy to pay my bill and then set up a payment plan. I love how the first payment isn't due the same day. It makes things so easy!"


Robert C.

Paytient User


"The card was easy to use and the app explains everything very clearly. I love the option of automatic payments. Very convenient!"


Monica B.

Paytient User

Frequently Asked Questions


Q.    How does Paytient work with my Ambetter Health Plan?

Paytient is here to partner with your current health plan by giving you an easy out-of-pocket payment option that puts you in control. Simply show your insurance card as you normally would, then use your Paytient card when it’s time to pay. Then, you’ll set up your zero-interest, fee-free payment plan right within the Paytient app.


Q.    Where can I use Paytient?

Your Paytient plan with Ambetter covers you and your family's medical expenses. This includes trips to the pharmacy, doctors' offices, urgent care, emergency care, and procedures.

Paytient cannot be used to pay for insurance premiums, dental, vision, or veterinary expenses at this time.


Q.    Can I use Paytient to pay for previous medical bills?

Yes! As long as it's a bill associated with your Ambetter Health Plan, you can use Paytient for any bills from medical or pharmaceutical providers.


Q.    Do I have to connect a bank account?

In order to have access to your Paytient card, you will be required to securely connect your bank account, debit, credit, or HSA/FSA card within the app! This is the account from which your automatic payments will be withdrawn after you use the Paytient card for a transaction!


Q.    Can I use this for my family/dependents?

Absolutely. You can use Paytient for your family as long as they are also insured by your Ambetter Health Plan!


Q.    How do I use the virtual Paytient card?

To view your virtual card number, click the purple card in the Paytient app and your card number will appear on your screen. You can add this number to your smartphone's digital wallet or show the card for the doctor or pharmacy to type into their payment system.


Q.    When do I get a physical Paytient card?

Your physical card will arrive at the address on file with Ambetter Health within 7-10 business days after you have created your account. In the meantime, your virtual card can be accessed immediately within your account. You also have the ability to add this card to your smartphone's digital wallet for use at medical facilities and pharmacies that accept digital forms of payment (i.e. Apple Pay, Samsung Pay).

Because your virtual and physical cards will have different numbers, your physical card will need to be activated once it arrives.


Q.    How do I activate my Paytient card?

Once your physical card arrives, you'll text the last four digits of your card from your phone to 573-269-3836 to activate! You can also activate your Paytient card within the app by swiping to the white card on your home screen. Once you see the card, press and hold, and then enter the last four digits of your card.

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