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How It Works

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Access your account

If your employer offers Paytient as a benefit, you already have an account waiting

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Swipe your Paytient card to pay for care at checkout

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Click the newest transaction that appears on your home screen

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Split your transaction into an easy, payroll-deducted payment plan

Feel Better. Pay Later.

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No credit check

Thanks to your employer, signing up for Paytient requires no fees, applications, or credit checks

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Take back your budget

When unexpected out-of-pocket medical expenses pop up, now you have a secret weapon

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Your care taken care of

Use Paytient for any medical, dental, vision, pharmacy, mental health, or veterinary* expenses

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We're here to support you

You'll have instant access to a friendly Paytient expert via the app or online portal if you need assistance

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Keep Paytient in your pocket for perfectly planned payments

Download the Paytient app to have instant access to your transactions, virtual card, and support when you need it!

Add your card to your virtual wallet

Be alerted when your card is used

Never forget your card again

Paying for care made healthier.

No interest, no fees, no credit checks - No, really! See why 99% of Paytient users use us over and over again.

Check my eligibility

“I just love using Paytient. Especially today, it really came in handy. I was at the pharmacy and strapped for cash and remembered my Paytient card. What a life saver!”

“Very convenient and SPOT ON with the affordable payment plan!”


Still have questions? We've got answers.

Where can I use Paytient?*

Your Paytient card can be used at any doctor's office, hospital, dentist, eye doctor, veterinarian*, mental health provider or pharmacy that accepts VISA!

Select employees are not eligible to use Paytient at the vet. If you are not sure if you qualify, please reach out to our support team.

Can I use Paytient to pay for previous medical bills?

Yes! You can use Paytient for any healthcare bills - old or new!

How do I use the Virtual Paytient Card?

To view your virtual card number, click the purple card in the Paytient app and your card number will appear on your screen.

You can add this number to your smartphone's digital wallet or show the card for the doctor or pharmacy to type into their payment system.

When do I get a Physical Paytient Card?

Your physical card will arrive at the address on file with your employer within 7-10 business days after you have accessed your account. In the meantime, your virtual card can be accessed immediately within your mobile app or online web portal.

You also have the ability to add this card to your smartphone's digital wallet for use at medical facilities and pharmacies that accept digital forms of payment (i.e. Apple Pay, Samsung Pay).

How do I activate my Paytient card?

Once your physical card arrives, you'll text the last four digits of your card number to (573) 269-3836 to activate it! You can also activate your Paytient card by clicking on the white Paytient card on your mobile app's home screen.

How is Paytient different than my HSA/FSA?

Unlike a Health Savings Account or a Flex Savings Account where you can save money from each paycheck over time to spend on care. With Paytient, the funds are ready for you to use today; and then you pay that amount back over time up to twelve months via Payroll Deduction. 


Paytient doesn't replace your HSA or FSA; it is more about having an extra tool to use when it comes to paying for you and your family's care.

Can I pay my Paytient balance with my HSA/FSA card?

Yes! Although Payroll Deduction is the primary payment method, you can choose to pay off any open transaction in full using funds from your HSA or FSA card.

You can do this by adding your preferred payment card as a payment method within the mobile app or online portal. Be sure to double check that the transaction you are wanting to pay off is a qualifying HSA/FSA expense.